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A drug conviction can not only lead to jail time, but also can damage your chances of employment and result in the loss of your driver’s license. I represent clients in all drug offenses, from simple possession to large-scale trafficking. Drug charges can be fought in a number of different ways, and will depend on the facts of your case. For example, if your property was searched illegally and drugs were found, we would seek to exclude that evidence by filing a motion to suppress.

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Of all drug crimes in Massachusetts, simple possession is the least serious in terms of potential punishments, and also the most common offense.

Possession w/ intent to Distribute
There is no minimum amount of drugs that need to be seized in order to issue a possession with intent to distribute charge. Instead, the police might accuse someone after finding multiple baggies, or a large amount of cash. The penalties for a conviction are significant compared with simple possession.

Drug dealing charges are often issued after police observe a hand-to-hand transaction. The potential consequences include lengthy state prison sentences, and mandatory minimums for subsequent offenses.

This is the most serious of all drug crimes. Prosecutors are aggressive when it comes to trafficking charges, and judges have limited discretion in sentencing due to mandatory minimum state prison sentences.

School zone and conspiracy charges are often included with drug charges. If you’re convicted of a drug violation within 300 feet of a park or school, you will face an additional two-year minimum sentence. Conspiracy is a separate charge, in which the punishment coincides with the maximum sentence for the underlying drug charge.

No matter the charge, you need an experience Boston criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. The stakes are high, but we can fight the allegations. Call me today at (617) 657-4464 for a case evaluation.

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