Embezzlement Charges

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An embezzlement charge means that you are accused of misappropriating funds entrusted to you for personal gain. Embezzlement often involves employees who had access to certain financial accounts, as opposed to a person charged with larceny who never had legal access to the funds or goods in the first place.

In order to convict you of embezzlement, the prosecution mush prove each of the following elements:
-You were entrusted with possession of personal property or money belonging to someone
-You took or hid that property, or converted it to your own use without
the owner’s consent; and
-You did so with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of his property.

If the amount in question is under $250, the crime is a misdemeanor. However, embezzlement of property valued over $250 is a felony with serious potential consequences. The maximum penalty is 5 years in state prison and/or a $25,000 fine.

The prosecution might have an extensive paper trail in embezzlement cases. We will investigate these documents through extensive discovery procedures, and look to utilize deficiencies in your favor. Perhaps someone else took the money, or maybe the accusation was the result of a misunderstanding, or an accounting error.

Unfortunately, sometimes innocent acts are misread by investigators as crimes. It can be just as easy for you to unintentionally help law enforcement build a case against you, even if you have done nothing wrong. Clients sometimes do this in an attempt to “cooperate” and clear themselves without hiring an attorney. Do not make this mistake.

If you are being investigated or charged with embezzlement, you need a high-quality criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. Call me me today at (617) 657-4464 for a free consultation.

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