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Thank you for visiting my website. I know that when someone is looking for an attorney online, they are looking for a skilled lawyer who will be as dedicated to their case as they are. Criminal defense is my passion; it’s the reason I became an attorney: to help protect the rights of people facing criminal charges against a government with seemingly unlimited resources. I believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves in court.

Facing criminal charges can be intimidating. The stakes are often high, and the process moves quickly, down a very complex path. I understand the stress and fear this process causes, and have made it my mission to help people through it, to achieve their best outcome. To me, this not only means getting the best possible result, but also ensuring that you understand your rights and options throughout the case.

My peers on the Massachusetts bar have recognized my commitment to criminal defense as well as my skill in the courtroom. Fellow attorneys often consult me on their cases, and I’ve even been trusted to represent some of my peers in non-criminal proceedings. My colleagues have nominated me for, and awarded me, several prestigious honors, including

  • Naming me among The National Trial Lawyers’ “Top 100 Trial Lawyers”, and
  • Naming me a Super Lawyers’ “Rising Star”.

I bring my commitment to excellent criminal defense to courthouses all over the state of Massachusetts, and take cases along the full spectrum of criminal charges, including assault & battery, drug trafficking (and other drug-related offenses), OUI/drunk driving, and embezzlement. I will also represent you during criminal investigations and clerk magistrate hearings.

If you are a veteran or immigrant, criminal charges present additional challenges because of your circumstances. You deserve fair and passionate representation that takes these challenges into account, and I will provide that throughout the course of your case.

If you need a skilled criminal defense attorney who will be dedicated to your case, I can help. Call me today at (617) 657-4464 for a free confidential case consultation, or contact me online.



Joe Simons

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