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Chelsea District Court handles various criminal charges for Chelsea and Revere. The court is located at 120 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150 and is open from 8:30am-4:30pm during the week. If you are facing criminal charges in Chelsea District Court, you need a skilled Massachusetts criminal defense attorney to represent you. Whether you’ve been charged with drug possession, OUI, assault & battery, or any other criminal charge, Attorney Simons can represent you.

Chelsea is a city of exceptions. It houses 36,000 people inside of 2.5 square miles of land– making it the second most densely populated city in Massachusetts, behind only Somerville. It is one of only three cities in the state with a majority Hispanic or Latino population. Chelsea also boasts the highest foreign-born population among cities in Massachusetts, at 38%.

The city is connected to Boston by the iconic Tobin bridgem originally opened in 1950. In spite of the city’s small footprint, it is divided into 11 neighborhoods, each with its own landmarks and features.

In the 1990s, the city nearly went bankrupt, causing a rise in crime and criminal charges.  After significant effort by the city, its citizens, and the state of Massachusetts, Chelsea has enjoyed a significant economic resurgence and resulting neighborhood revitalization. While crime is down, people are arrested on criminal charges every day in Chelsea. If you are charged with a crime in Chelsea, you should contact me today to for a free consultation. You can call me immediately at (617) 657-4464.

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