Massachusetts Criminal Courts

Criminal Courts and District Courts in Boston and Massachusetts

Simons Law Office regularly represent clients facing criminal charges across Massachusetts. Although the law office sits right in downtown Boston, on any given week Attorney Simons might appear in five different courthouses. In fact, his personal record is three courthouses in a day, though that is certainly not the norm.

I don’t have a “home court” – and I think that’s good for your case. While I am very familiar with some courts and have significant experience with certain judges and prosecutors, I feel comfortable in any court. When you hire me for a case, my only loyalty is to you. I don’t have to worry about offending my friends in the courthouse. I never give up ground on one case in order to score a deal on the next. When I appear in court, I am obliged to you. I fight hard to try to get you the best outcome, whether that’s a dismissal, a not guilty, or a plea.

Having appeared in over 50 courts, Simons Criminal Defense Law Office welcome cases anywhere in Massachusetts. For a free phone consultation about your case, call me today at (617) 657-4464.

District Courts Directory for Massachusetts

Below is a listing of district courts throughout Massachusetts with links to their relevant website. Hopefully, this will be of use to you in learning more about the court system and ultimate location of your case.

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